Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Can you really get rid of lice in an hour?

Yes! Yes I can! Today I got a call from a mother who was on her way to pick up her kids from school. Having found lice on my own head and on my daughters I was thinking the only thing worse then finding it yourself would be the school discovering it and calling! Yuck! I'm glad that the parent called me first and avoided all the frustration of using the toxic shampoos and the hours of nitpicking. I hate hearing that a parent has nitpicked for hours and hours, night after night and is still dealing with it. Often times the child is turned away from school because the parent didn't manage to find them all. When all you really need is a good 30-60 minutes comb out with the Terminator Nit comb. Preferably with a nice lice lady ;-)!
I get many calls from moms and they all seem to describe their childrens hair as super thick and curly. Well today was my first experience with really, really, really thick and curly hair. Gorgeous, princess, tight curls hair way down the back. And much to my delight the Terminator tamed those curls just as easily as straight hair! The initial detangling was a bit of trouble but luckily the mom was able to help tame those curls. And an hour later she was lice free and could've gone back to school. Thats one of the fun parts of my job. Sending a child back to school an hour or two after they've been sent home. The lice checker always says there is no way you could be lice free, you just left! But then they check and THERE IS NO SIGN OF LICE. Parents always tell me how amazed they are! Everyones happy. The child is back in school, the parent back to work and the school is one child closer to being a lice free environment!
I really do love my job. If you'd told me five years ago I'd be a lice lady I would've laughed and laughed. You never know where life is going to take you!
Hope you are all lice free!