Friday, February 4, 2011

My Lice Prediction

A lice lady never knows when or where her services will be needed! I just always have to be ready. December was a relatively slow month but surprisingly Christmas Eve I had five calls! Never did get to finish up my last minute shopping - no cute pajamas for my daughter :-(. It was a good thing I made those calls, at least one child would've given the gift that keeps giving to her cousins for sure. You would never have known that her mother had used a lice shampoo on her just a few days before. So I made a prediction that January would be busy. It usually takes 1 - 2 weeks before people discover they have lice (the first generation usually hatches before you realize something is on your head. I know YUCK!). Well I was right! As soon as January began my phone was ringing multiple times every day! Things have quieted down again down. Having lice checks at the school after holidays is a great way to catch lice early and keep it under control.
Some people may be starting their "3rd battle" with the Christmas lice. It can be such a hard battle if you don't have a good lice comb like the Terminator Nit Free. I visited one family where the mother had done an outstanding job with the nitpicking. I didn't find one nit! Unfortunately before she got the nits out, a bunch had hatched and the child had about 15 teeny, tiny pencil dot sized babies wandering around, waiting to start the cycle again. If I hadn't come in, a week later they would of matured, mated and started to lay eggs again. They are really hard to beat without the right tools.
So lesson learned. Check your kids for lice after holidays! I'm even wondering if the snow day we just had may bring in some extra cases. Were your kids hanging out with children they don't usually see? Scratch, scratch, scratch. Its still out there!