Tuesday, July 3, 2018

How much does a lice lady really cost?

I recently had some parents questioning why any one would use a lice lady? It makes me suspect that their children haven't had a case of lice. If you've had it you know the moment of panic and not knowing what to do. I think most people still head straight to the pharmacy to pick up the shampoo (which doesn't really work). Last time I checked shampoo was about $40 a box. Most families will have everyone use it whether they have lice or not. So everyone is exposed to chemicals even people without lice. So for a family of 4 thats 3 or 4 boxes. So that's $120-160. I usually visit a family and am there for 1.5 hours so that's $135. In that 1.5 hours you have my undivided attention to ask any questions you have. People may start the appointment a little freaked out by the end they are calm and feel back in control. My clients say Peace of mind is worth every penny! So to get rid of lice quickly and economically the Toronto Lice Lady is the best option :-).

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Does Lice Shampoo work?

I wonder how often the shampoo works the way it says it should. I'm only seeing families that haven't had success (some have used the shampoos 4,5 even 6 times to no avail). It makes me mad when I visit a family and they have used the shampoo twice and done the combing with the horrible comb that comes with the shampoo and this is what I find:
That is a pretty good case of lice. Lots of adults. I never would of guessed that they had done anything. It also annoys me that there are some sites that say the reason the shampoos don't work is user error. Complete nonsense. I don't think I've ever met a parent who used the product for less than the time on the box. If anything parents leave it on LONGER than required (I did!) because we want to make sure its working! Anyway I have a skewed view because I only see people who are still fighting the battle. I always say I wouldn't have a job if the shampoo worked - most of my clients have used the shampoo before calling me. In my opinion the Super bugs of lice are alive and well and happily resistant to the shampoo. Best solution? Skip the shampoo and get a proper lice comb from a lice lady (not a cheap one from the drug store) and start combing! To buy a good lice comb come to my website www.torontolicelady.com

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Psychological Components of Lice

The other day I had a call from a mother who was convinced her family had lice. I grabbed my stuff and headed over to one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Toronto. I was greeted by a lovely lady and her two small children. A quick check and comb out revealed that the children were lice free. When the kids don't have it the parents won't have it either! But the mother said she could feel them crawling on her scalp and on her shoulders. Well when people report these symptoms I almost always know that it is psychological case of lice! So I checked the mother and she was all clear too. So I asked her to show me what she was finding that made her think she had lice. Upstairs to the bathroom we went and she pointed out a lot of dandruff! With people turning on their heating systems I think some peoples scalps are more dandruffy! While we were doing this she starting telling me about what was going on with school and I got a clear picture as to why she had a case of "lice on the brain". This mother had been volunteering in her childrens class on the day of the lice checks! She had helped the children undo their pigtails and then braided kids hair back up. Then she was talking to others about lice - her daughters class hadn't found any cases but every other class had at least one case. She was definitely on the alert at that point! Then her kids had attended birthday parties where lice had been present. All of sudden her head was started to feel itchy! And she became more aware of her children touching their heads. And then to see the white things in her hair and she was convinced that her family was crawling with the critters! I was glad to be there to combat her fears and let her know that her family was lice free! She also now has the greatest tool to detect lice - the Terminator Nit Free Comb! Which I think is great. If you ever get lice on the brain you can just comb your hair and have a quick diagnosis. If you have lice the comb will give you evidence if you don't the comb will be clear and you can take a deep breath and ask your brain to stop playing tricks on you! Hope you are enjoying a lice free day! Toronto Lice Lady

Monday, October 1, 2012

Its good to be friends with a lice lady!

Boy you sure can get busy with life. Its been a while since I blogged but there have been lots of stories that I need to tell! One evening I was reading to my kids and heard a knock at my front door. Who could that be at 9pm? Well I checked my door and there was one of my good friends with a terrified look on her face. She had just discovered lice on her daughters head! Well what could I do but invite them in and get to work! The funniest part was that I was at my friends house the day before for dinner. And its always my dream to spot someone with lice while I'm out and about. While waiting in line at grocery stores or amusement parks I run my gaze over everyones head. Never found anything but I look. So there I was at my friends house completely oblivious that there turned out to be FIVE cases of lice also at the party! As soon as I confirmed the lice case we had to call our other friend and soon my house was a lice party! Trying to keep my kids in bed while their friends were downstairs getting their hair combed. We were up til 1130pm taking care of everyone. I was glad that I could be there for my friends in their time of need. And next time a kid tells you their head is itchy don't tell then it must be mosquitoe bites! Come see the Toronto Lice Lady! LOL

Friday, February 4, 2011

My Lice Prediction

A lice lady never knows when or where her services will be needed! I just always have to be ready. December was a relatively slow month but surprisingly Christmas Eve I had five calls! Never did get to finish up my last minute shopping - no cute pajamas for my daughter :-(. It was a good thing I made those calls, at least one child would've given the gift that keeps giving to her cousins for sure. You would never have known that her mother had used a lice shampoo on her just a few days before. So I made a prediction that January would be busy. It usually takes 1 - 2 weeks before people discover they have lice (the first generation usually hatches before you realize something is on your head. I know YUCK!). Well I was right! As soon as January began my phone was ringing multiple times every day! Things have quieted down again down. Having lice checks at the school after holidays is a great way to catch lice early and keep it under control.
Some people may be starting their "3rd battle" with the Christmas lice. It can be such a hard battle if you don't have a good lice comb like the Terminator Nit Free. I visited one family where the mother had done an outstanding job with the nitpicking. I didn't find one nit! Unfortunately before she got the nits out, a bunch had hatched and the child had about 15 teeny, tiny pencil dot sized babies wandering around, waiting to start the cycle again. If I hadn't come in, a week later they would of matured, mated and started to lay eggs again. They are really hard to beat without the right tools.
So lesson learned. Check your kids for lice after holidays! I'm even wondering if the snow day we just had may bring in some extra cases. Were your kids hanging out with children they don't usually see? Scratch, scratch, scratch. Its still out there!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Can you really get rid of lice in an hour?

Yes! Yes I can! Today I got a call from a mother who was on her way to pick up her kids from school. Having found lice on my own head and on my daughters I was thinking the only thing worse then finding it yourself would be the school discovering it and calling! Yuck! I'm glad that the parent called me first and avoided all the frustration of using the toxic shampoos and the hours of nitpicking. I hate hearing that a parent has nitpicked for hours and hours, night after night and is still dealing with it. Often times the child is turned away from school because the parent didn't manage to find them all. When all you really need is a good 30-60 minutes comb out with the Terminator Nit comb. Preferably with a nice lice lady ;-)!
I get many calls from moms and they all seem to describe their childrens hair as super thick and curly. Well today was my first experience with really, really, really thick and curly hair. Gorgeous, princess, tight curls hair way down the back. And much to my delight the Terminator tamed those curls just as easily as straight hair! The initial detangling was a bit of trouble but luckily the mom was able to help tame those curls. And an hour later she was lice free and could've gone back to school. Thats one of the fun parts of my job. Sending a child back to school an hour or two after they've been sent home. The lice checker always says there is no way you could be lice free, you just left! But then they check and THERE IS NO SIGN OF LICE. Parents always tell me how amazed they are! Everyones happy. The child is back in school, the parent back to work and the school is one child closer to being a lice free environment!
I really do love my job. If you'd told me five years ago I'd be a lice lady I would've laughed and laughed. You never know where life is going to take you!
Hope you are all lice free!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Effectiveness of Lice Treatments

Good Morning out there! I thought I'd just write a little bit about my experiments with lice "killing" methods. I have to say that I am so disappointed with the results. When I clear out a very bad case of lice I often do some experiments to see what is effective at killing lice. I've always enjoyed science and experimenting. In University we did endless experiments to determine if things were "statistically significant". Well this is completely unscientific and I did not consult an ethics board on being cruel to lice :-). Anyway so I carefully wash and dry the lice and voila, as expected, they come back to life! Let the games begin.
Olive Oil for 3 hours - completely ineffective. Almost every louse revived!

Olive Oil for 8 hours - Knocked out 17/21 louses! Not bad. But why did 4 survive?

Conditioner for four hours - 15/20 not a bad kill ratio. Too bad that we need 100% effectiveness to beat lice.

Enzyme based shampoo - 10/20 Very disappointing. I love the theory behind the enzyme shampoo. It eats through the shell of the louse. I don't know maybe they can reproduce after the enzyme treatment? All I know is that they looked alive and well after treatment. One of the problems may be the temperature - I think enzymes are easily killed in a Canadian climate. Hot, cold,hot, cold. Anyway I was very excited about these products and thought yay we have a solution! So I was super disappointed.

Pesticides - I don't want to be anywhere near these! I just have client testimonials and well if they worked I wouldn't have a job! Most of my clients have used them at least once before coming to me. A client just the other day had used them the day before and there were 3 live bugs on Moms head, 2 on daughters and 1 on the sons. So in a week the cycle would've been been jumpstarted again and in 2 weeks a full on infestation would've been present.

So my conclusion? The best way to get rid of lice is calling the Toronto Lice Lady and getting a good comb out! I'm over 95% effective with one comb out and 100% with two. But I'll keep looking and experimenting to see what will kill 100% of bugs. Its a tough job but someones gotta do it!
Seasons Greetings!

Your Toronto Lice Lady

Oh, and just in case you are wondering, even with all my experimenting I have never caught lice since my first time over three years ago. Proving once again that head to head contact is how it is usually transmitted. I keep my long hair way out of the way whenever I "play" with lice. You should too!