Monday, October 1, 2012

Its good to be friends with a lice lady!

Boy you sure can get busy with life. Its been a while since I blogged but there have been lots of stories that I need to tell! One evening I was reading to my kids and heard a knock at my front door. Who could that be at 9pm? Well I checked my door and there was one of my good friends with a terrified look on her face. She had just discovered lice on her daughters head! Well what could I do but invite them in and get to work! The funniest part was that I was at my friends house the day before for dinner. And its always my dream to spot someone with lice while I'm out and about. While waiting in line at grocery stores or amusement parks I run my gaze over everyones head. Never found anything but I look. So there I was at my friends house completely oblivious that there turned out to be FIVE cases of lice also at the party! As soon as I confirmed the lice case we had to call our other friend and soon my house was a lice party! Trying to keep my kids in bed while their friends were downstairs getting their hair combed. We were up til 1130pm taking care of everyone. I was glad that I could be there for my friends in their time of need. And next time a kid tells you their head is itchy don't tell then it must be mosquitoe bites! Come see the Toronto Lice Lady! LOL

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